How to Change the Flint in a Dunhill Rollagas Lighter

Chances are, you consider your Dunhill Rollagas something of an investment. While it is engineered to last, your Rollagas will still require periodic maintenance, which often means refuelling your lighter and replacing its flints. Rollagas models require the large red - size B - Dunhill brand flint. While other brand flints may be suitable, Dunhill describes its flints as "softer" and causing less wear to the flint wheel. Learn how to install these flints on your Rollagas to keep your lighter working properly.

Flip open the cap on your Dunhill Rollagas lighter.

Use a coin, or just your finger, and push back the flat metal slide atop the lighter. Pushing on the slide causes the flint chamber to pop open sideways.

Shake the old flint from the chamber into your hand and discard it. The old flint may be in more than one piece, so inspect the chamber carefully to see that it is empty.

Insert the new flint into the empty chamber.

Use your finger to push the flint chamber back into its original position.

Leave the flat metal slide in it present position. As the flint wears from use, the slide will move forward to indicate how much flint remains in the chamber.

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