How to keep tall candles straight in holders

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Taper candles in individual candle holders or beautiful candelabras add an elegant touch to your home. They serve both a decorative and functional purpose and make an ordinary day feel like a special occasion. The problem with taper candles is that they have a tendency to tilt in or fall out of their holders. Keeping the candles straight in their holders is a simple process but one that is important to safety. When candles are left to tilt, hot wax can drip, leading to burns or fire.

Heat 1/2 cup of water in a microwaveable bowl for 45 seconds on the "High" temperature setting. Hold the bottom inch of the taper candle in the warm water to soften the wax.

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Push the softened wax into the candle holder. The wax should be easier to manipulate into the candle holder due to its softness. Ensure the candle is straight and allow it to sit for five minutes so the wax can firm up again.

Wipe around the candle holder to remove any excess wax that was shaved off the base of the taper candle as you pushed it into the holder. Discard the soiled paper towel.

Cut a three-inch wide strip of aluminium foil. Fold the foil three times to create an inch-wide strip.

Wrap the 1-inch-wide folded foil strip around the bottom inch of the taper candle. Insert the taper into the holder to determine if you've used enough or too much foil to widen the base. Adjust accordingly by adding more foil or removing foil to give the taper a secure fit.

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Light the candle with a match. Hold the lit taper over the inside of the candle holder and allow a few drips of melted wax to fall into the bottom of the candle holder. Immediately blow out the candle and place it into the holder so the melted wax in the bottom can help secure the candle in a straight position.

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