Do It Yourself: Denture Reline

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When your dentures become uncomfortable it may be time to reline them. Dentures can develop sore spots on the gums or can become loose and slip when you are talking or eating. As of 2011 dentists charge between £65 and £195 for relining and you will be without your dentures for a couple of days. A less expensive and more convenient alternative is to do your own denture reline at home. Denture reline kits can be ordered online for around £13 to £19.

Remove your dentures and clean them with soap and a soft toothbrush. Dry them with paper towels. Rinse your mouth and gums and ensure no bits of food are left on the gums. Cover the outside of your dentures with petroleum jelly so that any reline material that overflows will not adhere to the outside.

Open reline kit. It should contain two lots of powder and two bottles of liquid which is enough material for two dentures. Only reline one at a time as the material sets quickly once you mix it. Place the powder in a mixing cup and pour the liquid over it and start stirring immediately. Once it reaches the texture of thick honey pour it into the first denture and spread it about a little. Place both dentures in your mouth and bite down firmly but comfortably. Do not clench your teeth. Stay like this for three minutes then remove the denture you have lined and rinse it under cold water. Trim any excess material away with a knife. Return the denture to your mouth and bite down again for a further three minutes. You can then check you have trimmed it thoroughly, then repeat the procedure with the other denture.

Soak the dentures in water with baking soda to remove an unpleasant taste and odour. Replace your denture reline when it becomes loose or uncomfortable. Most people find they last from two months to two years.

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