How to make a cake that looks like a beer bottle

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Consider creating a whimsical cake for someone who enjoys drinking beer. A cake shaped like his favourite bottle of beer is sure to be a cake that he will enjoy. It might seem like a beer bottle-shaped cake would be difficult to create, but it really is not. Simply bake a large cake and carve the basic beer bottle shape out of the cake. Ice (Frost) the cake so that it looks like it has the same label as his favourite beer.

Place an 280 by 355 mm (11 by 14 inch) piece of cardboard on a flat surface and use a pen to draw the outline of a beer bottle. If you need a reference, look at a beer bottle or a picture of one and draw the bottle from that. Otherwise, simply draw a bottle with a slender top half and a larger bottom half.

When you are satisfied with the outline of the beer bottle, cut it out with scissors.

Place your 280 by 355 mm (11 by 14 inch) cake on a clean, flat surface. Place the outline of your beer bottle directly on top of it.

Use a serrated knife to cut the excess cake away from the beer bottle outline, leaving you with a cake that is shaped like a beer bottle. Make sure you cut clean lines of cake so that the cake edges are straight down, rather than sloping.

Remove the picture from the top of the cake. Frost it with brown or chocolate icing, so that it is the colour of many beer bottles. If the person you are shopping for prefers a type of beer that comes in a bottle of another colour, such as green, ice (frost) the cake in that colour.

Place coloured icing (frosting) in a pastry bag to create the label of the beer bottle cake. Look at the label to replicate it with icing (frosting). If you are not trying to replicate a specific beer, simply create a label in the colour of your choice by frosting a rectangular section on the centre of the bottle. Then, write a message onto the label, rather than the name of a beer. For example, write "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations."

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