How to Get O2 Unlimited Texts

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O2 is a cell phone network based in the United Kingdom that offers various packages that include cell phone handsets and contracts wit various amounts of minutes and text messages. In order to get unlimited text messages with O2, you need to select one of O2's packages that includes that feature.

Decide whether you want to pay monthly or pay as you go. O2 has packages that include unlimited texts for monthly and prepaid contracts. Many of the pay-monthly packages require a 12-month commitment, whereas the Pay & Go option has no minimum contract length, you can just add more credit to your phone whenever you need it.

Choose from the available Pay & Go packages if you decide to set up your account that way. The steps below outline them.

Select the O2 Simplicity package. This includes unlimited text messages and your choice of zero or 300 minutes per month.

Select the O2 Unlimited package. If your friends are O2 customers, the O2 Unlimited package may be for you. It gives you unlimited text messages to other O2 phones for every £10 of credit you buy for the phone, and unlimited calls and texts to O2 phones for every £15 of credit you buy for the phone.

Select the Text & Web package. If you want some Web browsing capability included in your package, the Text and Web deal may be a good option for you. It gives you unlimited free U.K. texts and 500 megabytes (MB) of Web browsing for every £31 of credit you buy for the phone.

Select the Text & Web BlackBerry package. This is suitable only if you own a BlackBerry phone. The package includes unlimited free U.K. texts and BlackBerry e-mail, plus 500 MB of web browsing for every £31 of credit you buy for the phone.

Choose a pay-monthly package. If you have decided that you want a pay monthly package, you need to decide which one you will choose from the packages that include unlimited text messages.

Choose your minutes and the length of contract. You can narrow down your search for the right unlimited text message package by deciding how many included minutes you need for phone calls and how long the contract should be. You can choose anything between 300 minutes to an unlimited number of free minutes per month, the cost increasing incrementally per month. You can choose to take on contracts that vary in length between 12 months and 24 months; the longer contracts make the monthly cost cheaper, and all contracts include a free cell phone handset within the price. If you already have a cell phone handset, you can choose to get a SIM card only, which makes the monthly cost cheaper.

Buy the O2 package of your choice. This can be done online by visiting the O2 Shop or in person by visiting an O2 store.

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