How to Word Funeral Invitation Cards

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Funeral invitations convey short notices of sorrowful events. Ask an extended family member or a close friend to help send funeral invitations to help cope with the suddenness of this activity. Keep verbiage brief to minimise the emotional burden of writing and reading the invitations.

Use blank note cards in order to send them quickly.

Place the decedent's birth and death years at the top of the card. Include a line, such as, "In Memoriam" followed by the person's name (see Resources).

Provide the type of service to which you are inviting people. Tell invitees if the event is a funeral or a memorial service.

Add the day, date and time of the funeral. Include the name of the location, such as the church or funeral home.

Inform invitees of special services. Enter a line to let people know if a family-only burial follows (see References).

Enter information about gatherings after the funeral. Tell invitees if a reception follows. Give location information for the reception.