How to Stick on Fake Vampire Teeth

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Whether getting ready for Halloween or just another Thursday night with the in-laws, vampire teeth make for a good time. With the popularity of all things vampire in recent years, kits for getting a realistic look have become very sophisticated. Using an adhesive to stick the teeth in place, there will be no difference between your natural teeth and the fangs.

Brush, floss and rinse your natural teeth so that the vampire teeth will stick securely.

Lay out the components of a vampire-teeth kit on a clean work surface. Kits are available at Halloween-supply stores. Complete kits will come with teeth, both powdered and liquid components for making an adhesive and a cup and stick for mixing them. In front of a mirror, test the fit and placement of the vampire teeth by holding them over your teeth.

Pour one of the adhesive-powder packets from the kit into the mixing cup. Add five drops of the adhesive liquid and mix the two components thoroughly using the stick from the kit.

Apply the paste to the inside of one of the vampire teeth using the stick. Set the timer for five minutes. Place the vampire tooth over your natural tooth, press firmly, and hold in place until the timer goes off.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for as many of the remaining teeth as you wish to use. Wait at least fifteen minutes before eating or drinking.

To remove the vampire teeth, grip firmly with your fingers and pull. The teeth can be reused whenever you like simply by pushing them back in place. Once they have moulded to your teeth they will not need additional adhesive.

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