How to Delete Contacts in Skype

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Skype for Windows and the Mac uses a list that lets you manage your contacts. This list supports both Skype members and landline or mobile telephone numbers and allows you to place contacts in groups. If you want to remove someone from your contacts list, you can choose to simply delete the contact or block the contact from communicating with you. If you choose to block a contact, you can also report the user for abuse.

Launch Skype, then sign in using your login information. Right-click the contact name you want to delete under Contacts on the main Skype window.

Select Block This Person to prevent a contact from calling you again and to remove him from your list. Click the box next to "Remove from your Contact list" on the confirmation prompt, then select the Report Abuse check box if applicable. Click "Block" to block and delete the contact.

Select Remove From Contacts to delete the contact from the list without blocking her. Click "Remove" on the Remove Contact? confirmation prompt to delete the contact.

Open Skype and sign in. Click Skype under Contacts in the program's left pane to view your contacts.

Click the contact you want to delete, then click the Contacts menu on the toolbar.

Select Delete Contact, then click "Remove" on the confirmation prompt to delete the contact. To block a person from contacting you, select Block Contact, then click the box next to "Report abuse from this person" if applicable. Click "Block" to block the contact and remove her from your contacts list.

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