How to Paint Tau Devilfish

Tau Devilfish models are a part of the Warhammer 40K model line made by Games Workshop. The Tau are an alien races of the Warhammer 40K universe setting. Warhammer 40K is a tabletop war strategy game where players get to assemble and paint their own armies.

The Devilfish is a common armoured vehicle that is used to support and transport Tau army infantry on the battlefield. You can paint your Tau Devilfish in traditional colour schemes provided by the Tau Codex, or you can come up with your own.

Set down three layers of newspaper in a well-ventilated area. Place your Tau Devilfish in the centre of the newspaper. Spray the top of the model with an even layer of black primer spray paint. Turn over the model and spray the bottom of the model with the black primer. Examine the model and cover any spots that you may have missed with a short spray of the black primer paint.

Insert the main base coat colour of your choice into the spray gun paint hopper. Spray a fine mist of paint over the black primer starting at the highest points of the Devilfish model and working down. Spray the paint over the model until the black primer is no longer showing through it.

Paint the second colour of your choice onto the panels that represent the air intake, vents, windows and sensor arrays with a small detail paint brush. Use the same brush to paint the dark brown ink wash over the deep lines and recesses of the model.

Paint the hull of the ship with the lighter highlight colour. Don't paint the shallow curves or recesses; allow the other colour to come through at those spots to create a visual depth with the paint. Ink wash the panel recesses with a black ink wash. Highlight the black areas of the model with a 50:50 mixture of black and light grey model paint, painting on areas where light would hit it first when shone on it to create a more realistic look on the model.

Paint the U shaped window at the front of the model blue. Paint the small circular sensor lenses of the model red.

Paint the entire hull with a 50:50 mixture of the last colour you used to paint the hull and a lighter colour, such as bone white. Paint the sharp edges of the ship with bone white to make them stand out. Highlight the main panels of the hull with an equal parts mixture of all three main colours you used on your ship. Highlight any remaining black areas and the blue window with light grey. Highlight the sensor lenses with a blood red and fire orange.

Spray an even coat of model gloss varnish onto the surface of the entire model.