How to Use the Vax Air Tools

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The Vax "Air" is a multi-cyclonic bagless upright vacuum. Vax claims the Air has the cleaning power and capacity of a conventional upright but weighs about a third less, making it easier to carry around the home. The company also says the Air's compact design means it takes up less storage space. The Vax Air's handle, with which the user pushes the cleaner while vacuuming carpets and hard floors, is also a detachable telescopic extension wand for use with the three in one dusting, upholstery and crevice nozzle. Some Air models are supplied with a turbo tool as well as a stretch hose designed to increase cleaning range. These items can be purchased as optional extras for all models.

Remove the Vax Air's integral hose from the point at which it connects to the rear of the vacuum's main floor cleaning head.

Attach the crevice nozzle section of the three-in-one tool to the hose.

Push the other section of the tool on to the crevice nozzle with either the dusting brush or upholstery nozzle at the end. With these two cleaning heads, the crevice nozzle acts as the tube through which dust dislodged by them is sucked into the Vax Air's dirt receptacle.

Use the dusting brush to remove dirt and debris from furniture surfaces such as shelves and tables.

Reverse the cleaning heads so the upholstery nozzle is in the cleaning position. Use this nozzle to vacuum soft furnishings and drapes.

Remove the combined upholstery/dusting brush and use the crevice nozzle on its own to clean narrow areas such as the point where the arms of a sofa meet its base.

Attach the turbo tool and use it to remove stubborn pet hair, lint and threads from upholstery.

Press down on the lever which surrounds the point where the telescopic extension tube and handle enters the main body of the cleaner and lift the tube clear.

Attach the hose to the handle end of the extension tube in the same way as you attached it to the crevice nozzle.

Attach the crevice nozzle to the telescopic tube. This can now be used on its own to clean narrow areas between furniture or kitchen appliances. Alternatively, fix the dusting brush into position on the crevice nozzle. The telescopic tube will provide the necessary reach to remove dust and debris from skirting boards without bending, and curtain poles and ceiling corners without stretching. Reverse the tool so the upholstery nozzle is in the cleaning position and use it to clean narrow carpeted areas without having to bend.

Remove the stretch hose from its housing on the side of your Vax Air vacuum.

Remove the vacuum's integral hose from the point at which it enters the rear of the main floor cleaning head.

Attach the integral hose to the stretch hose then attach either the telescopic extension wand or the three in one cleaning tool to the end of the stretch hose. The instruction manual for the Vax Air suggests the combination of the air hose and stretch hose creates a long enough reach to vacuum a flight of stairs with the cleaner sitting on the floor at the bottom.

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