How to Make Soap for Men With Essential Oil Combinations

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Commercially made soaps contain several harsh chemical ingredients. Many recipes for handmade soaps have a fruity or flowery fragrance that is primarily appealing to women. By making your own soaps at home, you can use essential oils that have fragrances appealing to men.

All it takes is a few kitchen utensils and a purchased soap base. Use a variety of essential oil combinations that are both appealing and therapeutic to create unique men's soaps.

Fill the lower portion of the double boiler at least half full with water and bring to a boil.

Place the Melt and Pour soap base in the upper portion of the double boiler. Sit the pot on top of pot of boiling water. Cover, set heat to low and leave it until the base melts.

Add colourant while the base is melting. Stir in 1/8 to 1/4-teaspoon of colourant.

Add essential oils to completely melted base in double boiler. For each ounce of base, add four drops each of frankincense and myrrh essential oils. These oils reduce fine lines and rough texture. Alternatively, use six drops of sandalwood and 16 drops of rosehip essential oils. Sandalwood balances skin oils and rosehip is an antioxidant. Another option is to use six drops of sandalwood and 16 drops of sea buckthorn or carrot root. Sea buckthorn and carrot root are potent antioxidants. Alternatively, use four drops each of rosemary and helichrysum to improve skin texture by stimulating cell renewal. For sensitive skin, add a drop or two of lavender, which also adds antiseptic benefits.

Stir the essential oils thoroughly through the base until it is no longer cloudy.

Pour the mixture carefully into soap moulds.

Add rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle and mist the top of the poured soap to eliminate bubbles. The soap will harden in a few hours.