How to Set Taylormade R5 TP Driver Weights

TaylorMade golf designed its R5 dual drivers with pre-installed weight cartridges, already placed for ideal weight distribution. Unlike with the newer R7 and R9 model drivers, the weights in a typical R5 cannot be changed.

However, the weights in an R5 dual TP (tour preferred) driver can be altered to manipulate the ball flight. Like the original R5, the TP has two weighting ports in the back on both the toe and heel side which can create a draw, fade or neutral trajectory.

Insert your TaylorMade wrench into each port located in the back of the R5 TP club head and twist counterclockwise. This will remove each weight so you can start from scratch. If the weights have already been removed, you can skip this step.

Determine your desired ball flight -- draw, fade or neutral (straight).

Configure the weights to suit your desired trajectory. Placing more weight in the heel will produce a draw, while more weight in the toe will cause a fade. Equal weights in both ports will cause a neutral, high ball flight, while no weights at all will produce a neutral, low ball flight.

Insert the weights into the desired ports and twist clockwise using your TaylorMade wrench. Make sure all weights are fastened tightly before swinging the club. Test your club at the driving range to see if changing the weights has given you the desired ball flight before playing a round of golf with the driver.