How to Embed a GIF in an Outlook Email

A "GIF" file is a computer graphic stored in a compressed format using the Graphics Interchange Format. When uncompressed, a GIF file is an exact duplicate of the graphic file before it was compressed, without any loss of quality. A GIF file can also contain an animated graphic and can support a transparent background. To embed a GIF image in an Outlook e-mail, you simply need to use the "Insert" command where you want the image to appear in the email.

Open Outlook.

Open or type the message in which you want to include a GIF image.

Click to position the cursor where you want to embed the GIF image. Click "Insert" and select "Picture." Navigate to the place on the hard disk where the image is stored. Click the GIF file to highlight it, and click "Insert."

Click "Send" to send the email with the embedded GIF file.

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