Supertooth Instructions

The Supertooth is a hands-free speakerphone device that uses Bluetooth to pair with your mobile phone. This allows you to use your cell phone while driving or on the go. The Supertooth has very few buttons, so you don't need to know much about electronics to operate it.

Plug the included power adaptor into the port on the bottom of the Supertooth unit and plug the pronged end of the cable into an available outlet. Charge until the green LED light on the unit flashes. This signifies that the Supertooth is charged. Disconnect the charger at this point.

Turn on your mobile phone and enable Bluetooth according to the instructions for your particular model phone.

Press the large circular MFB (multi-function button) on the Supertooth and the Bluetooth indicator LED light will flash blue. A pre-recorded voice then asks you to select the language you wish to use.

Press the green button on the front of the Supertooth when you hear the language you would like the unit to speak.

Enter "0000" on your phone when prompted; the Supertooth then pairs with your phone and is ready for use.

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