How to make a coffee cup shaped cake or cupcakes

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Whether you're hosting a weekend brunch or a book club meeting, surprise your guests with a coffee cup shaped dessert. With a few basic cake decorating techniques you can create a cake that looks like a giant coffee cup or serve up an entire tray of coffee cupcakes. Once you create the basic shape of your coffee cakes, you can add embellishments with icing decorations or even personalise each cup with the name of each one of your guests.

Cut the top of a round two or three layer cake or cupcakes with a cake leveller or a serrated knife to create a perfectly flat top.

Ice the top and sides of the cake or cupcakes with any flavour of icing. If you baked your cupcakes in paper liners, you need to remove them before you begin icing.

Roll fondant approximately 6 mm (1/4 inch) thick with a rolling pin. Use a fondant the same colour as your desired coffee cup.

Wrap the fondant around your cake or cupcakes and smooth it down with your hands so it covers the sides of your cake but not the top or the bottom.

Trim away any excess fondant with a clean pair of kitchen scissors.

Cover the top of the cake or cupcakes with brown gel icing, this will make your coffee cup look like it is full.

Roll some of the leftover fondant into a tube to create a coffee cup handle. The size of the handle will vary depending on the size of your cake or cupcakes so adjust the size accordingly.

Push a toothpick or a wooden skewer into the side of the cake or cupcakes to create two small holes where you want to insert the handle.

Press the ends of the handle into the holes you created to secure the handle to your coffee cup cake or cupcakes.

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