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White Knight Tumble Dryer Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're looking to cut back on energy use, White Knight, a UK-based manufacturer, offers efficient gas tumble dryers. Because gas-fuelled dryers take less time to dry clothes than electric dryers do, they use less energy, leaving less of an environmental impact and saving money on electric costs. You should have your White Knight tumble dryer installed by a certified or registered professional to ensure a safe connection to the gas line -- in some areas, professional installation may be mandatory. White Knight recommends that you unplug your tumble dryer between uses.

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Open the door and pull the lint filter, located between the bottom of the drum and the dryer's bottom front panel, up and out. Clean the filter, removing any lint on the filter and discarding it. Replace the filter.

Load the clothes into the dryer, starting with large items such as sheets and adding smaller items on top. Keep the pile loose -- don't cram items into the dryer tightly.

Close the door to the dryer, and plug in the machine.

Select your desired heat setting on the dial on the dryer's top panel. The heat setting is determined by the type of fabrics you're drying; there is a heat setting chart around the dial. Refer to the care instructions on the items for the best results.

Set the timer to the amount of time needed to dry the load. There is chart on the control panel to guide you. When set, the dryer will tumble.

Remove the load only after the cycle, and the 12-minute cooling cycle, have finished. There is a risk of fire if the dryer is stopped before the cooling cycle completes.

Clean the filter after each load. Unplug the dryer when all of the loads are finished.


Open a window while using a White Knight tumble dryer, to improve the dryer's air circulation. If the dryer has just been hooked up to the gas line, clear the air out of the line by setting the timer to 30 minutes and running the dryer in 30 second increments until the gas indicator light on the left side of the control panel shines continuously.


Do not stop the dryer in the middle of the cycle. Do not overload the dryer. Do not put items that are soiled with oil or petroleum products in the dryer.

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