How to tie down a mattress on a roof

If you purchase a new mattress to take home or are in the process of moving, the mattress should be thoroughly tied down to prevent it from flying off the roof of your car and endangering other drivers. With the help of a friend, you can quickly and efficiently secure the mattress with a sturdy rope. While some people may find it stressful to drive with a mattress on the roof of their car, it's a safe method as long as you make sure the ropes are secure.

Purchase a large plastic bag for the mattress from a moving company or find a tarp to cover the mattress during transport. The plastic sheeting will protect the mattress and keep it from getting dirty or damaged during the move.

Position the mattress on the centre of the car roof. Enlist the help of a partner to stand on the opposite side of the car. Roll down the windows in all doors of the car, except the driver's side.

Tie one end of the rope on a handle on the rear inside roof of the car. Make sure to knot the end of the rope a few times to keep it secure. Then toss the opposite end of the rope to your partner, up and over the surface of the mattress. The partner will catch the rope, pull it down to secure the mattress and then pass the rope through the two rear window openings and back to you.

Throw the rope to the partner, who should now be positioned at the front passenger side of the car. The partner should catch the rope, pull it down securely and then pass the rope through the front passenger open window to you, standing at the rear passenger window behind the driver's side. Repeat these movements to add a few layers of rope over the mattress. Be sure to crisscross the rope over and under the mattress and roof to secure the mattress to the car.

Drive on surface streets, if possible, to avoid heavy air pushing up on the mattress at the front of the car. Otherwise, drive in the slow lane on the freeway to minimise air pushing at and under the mattress.

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