How to Fix Your Effects on My Boss Me-50

Whenever your Boss Me-50 effects processor begins to work incorrectly, you can correct the problems by performing a factory reset. A factory reset will take the pedal back to its original condition, eliminating glitches that are causing your effects not to sound as they should. All it takes to restore the Me-50 is pressing the right combination of buttons in the right order. This resetting procedure will not only allow you to use the effects again properly, but can fix many of the other problems that may occur with the device.

Turn the pedal off. Press the "Power" button on the back of the device, and verify that all of the lights have gone off, indicating that power has been disconnected.

Press and hold the "Bank" and "Write" buttons at the same time, then turn the Me-50 back on by pressing its "Power" button once more. You will see a "F" appear on the processor's screen once it powers up.

Press the "Write" button to begin the factory restore. Wait until the process is complete, without disconnecting the power, to keep from damaging the Me-50. When the restore is complete, the original factory presets will be present, along with the tuning programs.

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