How to Find a Tupperware Dealer in My Area

While you can visit the Tupperware website and order various products, you can also locate a Tupperware dealer -- also known as a consultant -- in your specific geographical area.

Many of these consultants have their own websites set up through Tupperware where you can browse the latest product catalogues for things you would like to order. Then, you can contact the dealer and inform her of what you would like to buy.

Navigate to the Tupperware website and click on "Find a Consultant." This information is located at the top of the home page.

Enter your complete address in the designated boxes. Click "Submit" to receive results for consultants in your area.

Click on the contact information for a consultant. You can also visit the consultant's Tupperware website to browse catalogues before contacting her.

Contact Tupperware customer service. Dial 800-366-3800 (English) or 866-476-4425 (Spanish).

Request the name and contact information for a Tupperware dealer in your area from the representative. Give the representative your complete address or zip code to help him search.

Contact the Tupperware consultant via the information you receive from the representative.