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How to Check If My Capital One Card Is Activated

Updated February 21, 2017

Before you can use a Capital One debit or credit card, you must first activate it. Cards are not sent through the mail already activated, as if they were anyone could intercept your card and begin using it immediately. If you recently received your Capital One card in the mail and haven't got around to using it yet, you can check to see whether or not you've activated it in a very specific way.

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  1. Turn your Capital One debit or credit card around so that the back is facing you. On the back is a customer service telephone number.

  2. Dial the Capital One customer service telephone number into your phone. This can be a cell phone or a landline phone.

  3. Select the "Activation" option at the Capital One customer service main menu. Turn your Capital One card back around so that you can see the front. Type the card number on the front of your card into your phone using your phone's key pad. If your Capital One card has already been activated, the automated prompt will tell you at this time.

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