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How to Make a Bearing Puller

Updated February 21, 2017

The bearing in a vehicle is what the Automotive Dictionary terms as an "antifriction reducing device that is usually found between two moving parts." The bearing is, as a by-product of this function, often difficult to remove when you are servicing the engine and requires special tools to pull it out. Fortunately, this is a tool that you can manufacture yourself in your own shop. Having a bearing puller in your workshop will help with future car projects and maintenance tasks.

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  1. Cut the bar stock with a chop saw so that it is four inches long.

  2. Drill and tap in the centre of the bar stock you cut in Step one. Make the hole match the diameter of the jack screw from a gear puller.

  3. Cut the 1.5 inch pipe in half lengthwise with the chop saw. Cut out a portion of the washer.

  4. Weld the washer to the bottom of the pipe with the opening of the washer facing outwards. Weld the bar stock into the top of the pipe.

  5. Screw the jack screw from the gear puller into the bar stock at the top of the bearing puller. The bearing puller is now ready for use.

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Things You'll Need

  • 1.5 inch diameter pipe
  • 1.5 inch thick bar stock
  • Chop saw and carbide-tipped blade
  • Fender washer
  • Tap and drill
  • Welder

About the Author

Marjorie Gilbert is a freelance writer and published author. An avid researcher, Gilbert has created an Empire gown (circa 1795 to 1805) from scratch, including drafting the gown's patterns by hand.

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