How to Replace a Battery in a Honeywell Alarm System

Honeywell manufactures many types of home intrusion alarm systems designed to alert local police and fire brigades in case of an emergency. A Honeywell alarm system relies on a rechargeable battery backup that provides power to the alarm system if the power is disabled to the house. The battery is located in the alarm service panel, which is a panel that looks similar to your service panel. If the battery fails to hold a charge, you'll need to replace it to ensure that your home is secure even when the power is out.

Call your security provider and inform the operator that you are changing the battery on your system. The provider will require your system pass code and, once your identity is verified, will place your system into "Test," ensuring that a false alarm is not triggered.

Locate the system panel for your system. The panel may be located in a hidden location, such as a laundry room or closet. The panel looks similar to your service panel and often has a sticker bearing the security subscriber's logo.

Open the panel using a screwdriver or the panel key, if one is required for your system.

Locate the battery in the panel, which is located in plain sight. The battery has a red cable and a black cable connected to it.

Pull both the red and black cables off the battery terminal. Be careful not to let the two terminals touch.

Remove the old battery and place the new battery in the panel.

Plug the red wire onto the "+" battery terminal and plug the black wire onto the "-" battery terminal.

Close the panel, then notify your security provider that you have completed the battery replacement.

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