How to Lose Weight With a Stomach Wrap

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Stomach wraps are used to create a higher body temperature in your midsection resulting in harder working abdomen muscles and increased sweating. Combining these three items will help to reduce fat tissue, lose water weight and lose inches off of your stomach. Stomach wraps help new mothers to get back to pre-baby shape. The wrap looks like a corset but is made of neoprene and Velcro. There is a variety of manufacturers that produce and sell stomach wraps.

Purchase a stomach wrap either online or through an independent fitness retailer. Look at reviews and ask for suggestions to find the perfect one for you.

Wrap the stomach wrap around your midsection. You want to wrap it tightly enough around your midsection that it feels snug but not too tight that it is hard to breathe. If you are able to slip two fingers, no more, then the wrap is perfect.

Start slowly when using the stomach wrap and work your way up to a full workout. Because of the restraint from a stomach wrap avoid sit-ups and side bends as this may be difficult to do with your chosen stomach wrap. Some wraps have less structure to make it easy to work stomach muscles, while other wraps offer a more structured wrap making it hard or impossible to work stomach muscles.

Work your entire body either through a cardiovascular routine or strength training routine. Start with a 30 minute workout until you feel comfortable enough to continue longer. You do not need to physically work your stomach for the wrap to help reduce fat tissue or water weight. Because of the restraint on your stomach and increased sweat and body heat, the stomach muscles will work indirectly.

Maintain a healthy diet in addition to a regular workout routine to attain the best results.

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