How to Wash Fiberglass Out of Clothing

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Fibreglass is a material that comprises tiny glass fragments and is used as insulation in the interior of homes and buildings. Fibreglass insulation is available in several forms, including rolls and loose fibre, which is blown in. Because fibreglass is a skin irritant, long sleeves and trousers should be worn when applying it. Once application is complete, the clothing worn must be separated from other clothing to prevent cross-contamination. When proper washing procedures are followed, all of the fibreglass can be safely removed from clothing.

Place clothing worn while working with fibreglass in a separate laundry storage bin. Placing the items with other dirty laundry will transfer the fibreglass to the other clothing.

Fill a large tub with water and place all contaminated clothing in the tub to remove the majority of the fibreglass particles. Put on gloves and agitate the clothing gently in the water to loosen the fibreglass into the water. Remove the clothing and discard the water in a sink or tub drain.

Place the pre-rinsed clothing in a washing machine. Do not place any other clothing in the washing machine. Fill the machine with the amount of water and washing powder recommended by the machine manufacturer. Turn on the machine and wait until the wash cycle is complete.

Remove the clothing from the washer, and place it in the dryer or hang it to air-dry.

Turn on the washer and fill it to the highest water level possible. Turn the washer to a rinse cycle, and allow it to run through the cycle. This rinses away any remaining fibreglass fibres from the machine.

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