How to Make a Honda SFX Go Faster

Honda originally produced its SFX moped scooter in 1995. Unfortunately the manufacturer restricted the scooter's speed to 25 to 30mph, which can be frustrating for SFX owners who want to go faster.

If you are willing to alter the stock equipment on your moped and invest in premium grade fluids, you can increase your top speed to 60mph and increase your overall performance significantly, says Scott Stoll, a certified motorcycle and moped technician in Tampa, FL. He explains how to do it:

Fill your gas tank with premium grade fuel to enhance the performance of the engine.

Remove the plastic engine cowl located underneath the seat. Unbolt the original muffler and exhaust pipe from the motor and mounting brackets on the frame. Install the aftermarket muffler and exhaust pipe in their place.

Inspect your transmission fluid. If it is getting low, add more fluid. If it appears gritty, exchange it for fresh transmission fluid.

Clean out the air intake that is connected to the air box, using a rag. With the spark plug wrench, replace the spark plug that is attached to the engine block. Change the oil.

Inflate your tires to the manufacturer's recommendations at a compressed air station. Inspect the drive belt between the transmission and the rear wheel for wear and tear. If it is damaged or worn, replace it.

Clean out your carburettor with a shop rag and carburettor cleaner. Install a new fuel jet in the carburettor to boost your horsepower.