How to Make a Scooter Stop Squeaking

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Scooters are a fun and efficient way to get around quickly and easily throughout your day, but squeaky scooter wheels can turn your daily scoot into an unpleasant experience.

The causes of a squeaking scooter can vary, but it is a sign that something is amiss with your scooter, and it is best to be dealt with promptly to prevent further damage. A few practices can help you cure this annoying problem.

Examine the wheels of your scooter carefully to determine if there is debris that could be causing the squeak. Also, determine if the wheel is worn down and the components are rubbing against the wheel, causing the squeak. If so, replace the problematic wheels.

Clean the wheels, bearings and any affiliated hardware with a damp cloth and a can of pressurised air to remove any loose dust and debris caught in the grease.

Check for loose wheels and damaged wheel bearings, both of which can cause a squeaking noise when the wheels are in motion. Tighten the wheels and replace the wheel bearings (located on both sides of the centre of each of the wheels) if necessary.

Reduce the friction on the wheels by applying a spray or oil that helps coat and protect the wheel and its parts by letting them move together more smoothly.

Replace the entire wheel if the squeaking sound persists after thoroughly cleaning and lubricating the wheels.