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How to Remove a Honda CR-V Center Table

Updated March 23, 2017

The Honda CR-V has a small table, also called a tray, mounted between the front seats instead of a traditional automotive centre console. This tray can fold downward if more room is needed or fold upward in order to place a cup in its holder or to store other items. If the centre table is damaged, or if you simply don't want it anymore, it can be removed easily.

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  1. Lift the centre table to the "Open" position. The table should be positioned horizontally as if you were going to set something on it. Move both of the front seats all the way forward and sit in the CR-V's back seat to better access the centre table's panels and bolts.

  2. Grasp the plastic panel on the table's base on the driver's side. Pull the panel away sharply to remove it. You'll now see part of the centre table frame.

  3. Remove the two bolts from the passenger's side panel on the bottom edge of the centre table. Grasp the panel and pull it away to remove it. You'll now have access to the entire centre table frame and its mounting bolts.

  4. Remove the two centre table mounting bolts with your ratchet. The centre table is now separated from the CR-V. Lift it up to remove it from the floorboard.

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Things You'll Need

  • Ratchet

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