How to lose weight naturally on your breast

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Breasts that weigh more than average can cause back pain and postural and respiratory problems. For that reason, some big-chested women want to lose weight in the breast area. Finding bras in larger sizes can also be difficult, and they usually cost more than smaller sizes. While surgery is one option for reducing your breast size, weight loss is also possible through natural methods like exercise and diet.

Start a weight loss plan that includes eating less calories than you burn everyday. Incorporate cardio exercises. General weight loss will affect your chest. In fact, many women report losing weight in the breasts before other areas. Try to lose no more than one to two pounds a week. Losing more than that can lead to saggy breasts.

Perform chest exercises. Target the chest to build muscle and lose fat in that area. This will make sure the area stays toned through weight loss and, as muscle looks visually smaller than fat, your chest will look smaller. Examples of chest exercises include push-ups, pull-ups and some types of weightlifting.

Eat healthier foods to help your weight loss program. Healthier foods will give you more energy to perform your workout.

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