How to Order Nestle Toll House Cookies Online

Nestle Toll House Cookies have been a fixture in the American cookie scene since the 1930s. You can purchase the frozen cookie dough or make them from scratch using Nestle chocolate. You can also purchase them directly from the company. You can buy the cookies from the many Toll House Cafe's around the country or order online directly from their Central Bakery.

Log onto to the Nestle Cafe website (see Resources). Click on the "Order Online" icon on the bottom-left corner of the page.

Select "Central Bakery" if you want the cookies shipped directly to someone. If you want order online for pickup, scroll through the list of Nestle Cafes and select the one closest to you to see if they offer online ordering. If not, you will have to call to place your pickup order.

Create an account by providing your name, street address, phone number, e-mail address and creating a password. Select "Submit."

Select "Online Menu" under "Place A New Order." Select the cookies you want. Choose quantity, and variety if given the option, enter special requests in the box if necessary, and submit the order. Confirm the order on the next page and click "Checkout."

Select your shipping method and delivery address. Check the box that says, "Please Confirm Your Order" and select "Pay Online." Enter and submit your payment information.

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