How to Make a Pit Bike Faster

A pit bike is a small off-road-style motorcycle that was originally used to traverse the pits (staging area) of a motocross track. As of 2011, pit bike racing and trick jumping have been becoming popular spectator sports alongside motocross for the past decade, according to the Pit Bike Racing Association.

Making these bikes faster and a part of the racing circuit is a time-consuming task that can generally cost upwards of thousands of dollars. There are several ways of making a pit bike faster.

Replace the factory flywheel with a new lightweight high-grade racing flywheel. This will spin faster because of less weight, resulting in greater speed.

Remove the factory exhaust. Install a racing-grade exhaust system that maximises your engine's power.

Remove factory sprockets. Replace with new lightweight sprockets.

Purchase a valve kit, inner rotor kit and a big-bore tune-up kit to maximise engine performance. Note that professional tuning may be needed unless you have mechanical experience using these kits.

Install a cold air intake and an oil cooler. Cold air acts as an accelerant for gas entering the engine, which allows faster fuel combustion.

Install racing-grade professional tires and all lightweight frame parts. Remove any unnecessary flashy frame parts that add weight to the bike.

Install racing-grade aluminium heads. Have the heads precision-machined by a competent machinist to ensure top quality.