How to Install a Fusion Stereo Car Kit

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The Ford Fusion comes with a preinstalled factory-issue radio. While adequate for driver entertainment, many car owners like to add an aftermarket stereo to their car for extra features or personalisation. Aftermarket stereos come in a standard DIN or double DIN size. Ford Fusion dashboards require custom car kits and wiring to allow an aftermarket stereo to function. These can be installed by first removing the old radio and housing and attaching the new pieces.

Disconnect the Fusion car battery. Insert the Ford radio removal keys into the slots on either side of the radio. Push the keys in until they lock into place. Push the keys out sideways and pull on them to drag the stereo out of the dashboard. Disconnect the wiring and place the old radio to one side.

Assemble the Fusion car kit. Attach the radio installation cage, which the new radio will be housed in to the faceplate adaptor of the car kit. Feed the cage into the portal of the faceplate until the front of the cage is level with the plate. Bend the locking tabs on the side of the cage into the slots on the rear of the faceplate to lock the two items together.

Slide the new stereo into the car kit assembly until it locks into place.

Connect the wire harness containing the power, ground and speaker wiring, coming from the dashboard of the car to a custom wire harness adaptor. Click the connections together. Connect the other end of the adaptor to the wire harness of the new stereo. Plug the radio antenna adaptor --the thick black cable-- into the radio antenna port.

Slide the assembly into the dashboard housing until it locks into place. Reconnect the car battery. Turn on the stereo and test the new installation.

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