How to make a four-poster bed with curtain rods

Kai Chiang/iStock/Getty Images

If you're dreaming of a four-poster bed but are on a budget, you can create the look of one with curtain rods and panels. The effect of a four-poster bed is achieved when you suspend four curtains rods from the ceiling, one above each of the four sides of the bed.

You then hang curtain panels on the rods and gather them at the corners, giving the illusion of a four-poster bed. It's an inexpensive way to add romance and drama to your bedroom.

Buy your curtain rods and ceiling-mount brackets. Make sure two of the rods you choose can expand to the length of your bed, and two rods can expand to the width of your bed. Additionally, make sure to buy ceiling-mount brackets. These brackets hold the rod in place no matter which direction the brackets are turned.

Buy your curtain panels. To determine the length of panels you need, measure the height of your room from floor to ceiling, then subtract the length that the bracket extends from the ceiling. Curtain panels that are this length will fall just to the floor. If you'd like your panels to puddle at the bottom, add 15 to 30 cm (6 to 12 inches) to this measurement.

Position your bed in your room exactly where you want it. Once the curtains and rods have been installed in the ceiling, you'll have to take them down and move them any time you move your bed to a new location.

Adjust the curtain rods so that they are each 5 cm (2 inches) longer than the four sides of your bed.

Hold each rod and bracket up to the ceiling to gauge its correct position, and use a pencil to mark the location to drill each pilot hole for the brackets and screws. Each curtain rod should hang directly above but slightly outside one edge of the bed, so that when all four are installed, they will form a rectangle that is slightly larger than your bed, directly above your bed. Drill pilot holes.

Slide two curtain panels onto each rod, then slide one bracket onto each end of each rod. Hold each assembled rod/bracket/curtain combination up to the ceiling to double-check that all pieces are in their correct positions. Attach them to the ceiling with screws, using wall anchors for any screws that are not being sunk into studs or beams.

Push one curtain panel toward the end of each rod, so that two panels meet up at each corner. About one-half or two-thirds of the way down from the ceiling, gather the two panels at each corner together with a ribbon, tassel or some other curtain tie. This will form four "columns" of curtain hanging from the ceiling, one at each corner of your bed, and give the illusion that each column of curtain is hiding a post of a four-poster bed.