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The Karcher Sprayer Won't Turn on

Updated February 21, 2017

Outdoor surfaces like patio tiles, concrete and metal siding are too large to clean by hand. Karcher pressure washers blast a jet of soapy water to clean stubborn stains, moss and other dirt off these surfaces in a fraction of the time it would take manually. Your Karcher pressure washer requires electricity or gasoline and water to work and clean properly. Troubleshooting your washer will ensure it is set up correctly.

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Pull the trigger on the pressure washer's spray nozzle. Karcher pressure washers use a trigger system to control the flow of water from the machine. When the trigger is released the flow of pressurised water immediately stops. Hold down the trigger while you work, with your other hand supporting the nozzle lower down.

Check that the Karcher washer is plugged into a working electrical socket and the power switch is set to "On." Use either a 25-foot 12/2-gauge or 50-foot 10/2-gauge extension cord if you need extra cable length. Other types of extension cord may not work with Karcher pressure washers. Skip this step if you own a gasoline pressure washer.

Ensure the pressure washer has enough gasoline in its tank. Change the fuel if it has been sitting in the washer for a prolonged period as water and dirt can enter the engine and prevent it from starting. Move the choke control to the "Choke" position and move the fuel valve to "Open" before pulling the starter cable.

Verify the hose does not contain any kinks or twists and is tightly connected to the faucet. Leaks or twists can prevent your Karcher washer from building up enough pressure to spray water. Make sure the faucet is opened to its widest position. Karcher pressure washers require a three-quarter-inch diameter garden hose to work properly.

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