How to Mount a Drill Press Vise

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Mounting a drill press vice on your drill press table will secure the work clamped in it. Using a drill press vice is much safer than holding the work by hand. The drill press vice will increase the accuracy and, thus, the quality of your work. Mount a cross slide drill vice and use it to cross drill a row of multiple adjustment holes in a uniform manner. The cross slide vice can accurately slide in two directions by way of the dovetail mating grooves. The crank handle controls the movement of the vice.

Adjust the drill press table so the centre hole aligns directly under the drill press chuck, with at least a foot between the chuck and the drill press table. Place a level on the drill press table post and be sure the drill press is mounted on the floor level. When the drill post is level, it means the drill press is level. When the drill press is level, it saves a lot of set-up time when placing work into the drill press.

Place the level onto the drill press table in the 9- and 3-o'clock position, and level the table. Place the level on top of the table in the 12- and 6-o'clock position and level the table in this position. The drill press post should be in the 12-o'clock position when performing this procedure.

Insert a large drill rod or drill bit into the drill chuck. Place the machinist square with one side flat on the drill press table and the other side of the square against the drill rod. The drill rod should be perfectly square with the drill table. If not, readjust the table until the drill rod is square with the table.

Place the drill press vice onto the drill press table. Set the vice jaws centred under the drill press chuck. Align the drill press vice, mounting slots with corresponding slots on the drill press table. Insert four 3/8-inch carriage bolts into the vice mounting slots. Thread flange nuts onto the bolts, but don't tighten completely. The flange nut works best because the washer is built in.

Place the desired work into the newly mounted vice. The vice should be free to move around on the drill press table to set the work in the desired position. With the vice in the proper position, tighten the vice mounting nut to secure the vice to the table. Insert the desired drill bit in the drill chuck and begin drilling.

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