How to drill a hole through an asphalt drive surface

Chiyacat/iStock/Getty Images

Sometimes you need to drill through asphalt drives or car parks to install new equipment. You can do that with a simple drill and the right kind of bit, though a hammer drill is the most effective tool for this job.

It is not a tough project, but it gets easier if you do it on a hot day, when asphalt is softer and less resistant to drilling.

Measure the depth of the asphalt. If concrete lies beneath the asphalt, you must drill through that material as well. Mark the spot for drilling with white chalk to make it visible.

Fit your bit into a hammer drill for best results. Put on your safety goggles. Make sure the rotary direction switch is in the forward position, and firmly grip the butt and trigger. Squeeze the trigger and press down on the drill so that it bores into the asphalt. Keep drilling until you reach your desired depth.

Drill any other holes you need into the asphalt. After drilling each hole, clean the bit to remove asphalt blockage.