How to Fill in DLA Forms for Diabetes

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Disability Living Allowances (DLA) are set up by the British government for British citizens to receive financial subsidies if they are ill. Available for children and adults up to 64 years of age, DLA resources can be applied for and received if you can prove you require living assistance for health-related reasons. In most cases, someone receiving a DLA subsidy must demonstrate he has received help for at least 120 continuous days and will require help for at least an additional half a year. Filling in DLA forms for diabetes is a straightforward process and must be completed by a parent or guardian if the applicant is under 18 years old.

Turn to page four of the DLA package. The entire package is 42 pages long and all necessary parts must be read and completed.

Write in the diabetic condition: "Type I Diabetes," for example, in the first box on page four.

Describe and detail every medical necessity currently required to treat the diabetes. List, for example, "Glucogel, blood glucose monitoring test strips, needles, lancets and ketone testing strips," recommends the United Kingdom's official Diabetes Organization website. Include facsimiles or copies of all current prescription medications and/or treatments.

Turn to page five of the DLA package. Mark in all of the available boxes that apply to your or to your child's condition. Fill in the "has physical disabilities" box, recommends the Diabetes Organization, if a physical impairment is a result of the diabetes.

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