How to grease oster a-5 clippers

The Oster A-5 clippers are designed especially for tough animal grooming tasks. Although the heavy-duty clippers are used by many professional groomers and are built to withstand tough hair and nails, constant use will wear down the blades and gears. If you are constantly using your Oster A-5 clippers, daily greasing and lubrication of the blades and internal gears will keep the clippers working efficiently for years to come.

Power on the clipper. Have your lubricating oil ready before turning the clippers on.

Add one drop of Oster lubricating oil to both ends of the clipper blades.

Apply one spray of Oster Kool Lube to the blades every few minutes of use. The lube is designed to cool the blades and reduce wear and tear resulting from the friction.

Power off the Oster A-5 clippers and disconnect the power cord.

Remove the two screws located on the nameplate of the unit by using a small, flathead screwdriver. Locate and remove the nylon driver lever, gears and metal link. Keep in mind how you have disassembled the inner components so you can assemble them again after greasing.

Insert the great tube nozzle into the gear post and apply a small spray.

Replace the gear and metal link and apply a small spray of grease on the linkage and gear teeth. Assemble the nylon drive lever back inside the unit and screw the nameplate back into place with the screwdriver.

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