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Instructions for the Yaesu MH-36E8J

Updated July 20, 2017

The Yaesu MH-36E8J is a hand-held microphone and scanning device. It features a DTMF keypad that illuminates in the dark and includes a rotary control knob for adjusting operating frequency and volume. It is designed especially for Yaesu transceivers with an 8-pin modular microphone jack.

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  1. Illuminate the DTMF keypad by pressing the "Unlock" button located on the right hand side of the microphone.

  2. Tune frequencies using the "Up" and "Down" buttons located on the top of the microphone. Hold button down to start scanning.

  3. Communicate by pressing the "PTT" button located on the top left side of the microphone. Speak to the front of the microphone at a distance of 2 inches. The microphone element is located on the top centre of the controller face.

  4. Transmit a DTMF tone by holding the "PTT" button while using the keypad located on the front face of the microphone.

  5. Lock microphone control and buttons by pressing the "Lock" button on the right hand side of the microphone. This button lies directly above the "Unlock" button.

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