How to insert temple screws in spring hinge glasses frames

eyeglasses and green case image by Kokhanchikov from

The spring hinges on glasses frames allow the temple part of the frame to flex outward to fit a wide variety of face sizes. The glasses will remain in place, regardless of who wears them. While the spring hinge provides the frame with flexibility, it can make repairing these types of glasses a bit more complicated. The barrel hole on the temple does not initially line up with the screw hole on the frame because of the placement of the spring hinges. There are a few tips you can use to repair spring hinge glasses frames.

Place a 20 cm x 29 cm (8 x 11 1/2 inch) white paper sheet on a flat surface. The white paper will allow you to see the temple screws if you drop them accidentally.

Place the temple screws in a small bowl next to your work area.

Line up the barrel hole on the right temple with the hole on the top right of the glasses frame. The holes will not yet line up exactly.

Push the pointed end of the temple screw through the barrel hole on the right temple, pushing past the spring hinge to thread the temple screw through the glasses frame hole.

Use a small screwdriver to thread the temple screw completely into both holes. Snip off the tip of the temple screw with needle-nose pliers. Repeat the process for the left side of the eyeglass frame.

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