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How do I Program a Casio Cash Register Tk 2700?

Updated April 17, 2017

The Casio TK 2700 cash register allows a store manager with the program key to set unit prices, tax rates and discounts for different departments. Once these programs are entered into the cash register, the clerk can press the corresponding PLU (price lookup) key and all of the information will be automatically displayed on the cash register's screen, as well as the printed receipt. These programming codes should be inputted before the cash register is used by a clerk.

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  1. Insert your PGM operating key into the Mode Switch and set it to the Program 1 position. Input the four digits of the clerk number and press the Clerk Number key to register the number.

  2. Program the PLU codes with the unit price. Press the PLU key (01 - 108) and then press the Subtotal key.

  3. Use the numerical keys (0 - 9) to input the unit price. Press the corresponding black Department key (1 - 8) and then press Subtotal again to set the unit price.

  4. Program the tax calculation status for each PLU. Press the PLU key (01 - 108) and then press the Subtotal key.

  5. Press the Rate Tax (R-Tax) key and then press the corresponding Department key for that PLU code. Press the Subtotal key to set the tax calculation.

  6. Program a discount with the Discount (% -) key. Press the PLU key (01 - 108) and then the Subtotal key. Use the numeric keys to type the discount percentage. Press the Discount key and then the Subtotal key to set the discount.

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Things You'll Need

  • Program key

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