How to Read the VIN Number on a Kubota

The Kubota Corporation began in 1890 in Japan and began selling engines in 1922. It wasn't until 1976 that the company began selling engines and tractors in America. There is actually no Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) by that name on a Kubota, but there is a serial number and a model number.

The serial number is on the engine block in at least one location. The model number is not anywhere on the engine, but appears on the parts list that come with the machine.

Open the bonnet of the tractor.

Examine the engine block. Locate the head cover label. The serial number is on a metal plaque attached to the block. If the serial number is no longer legible, proceed to the next step to find an alternate location for the number.

Look on the rear of the engine block below the exhaust manifold on the 05 Series and WG/DF 1005 engine models, the rear of the engine block below the intake manifold for the V3300 and V3800 model engines, on the engine block beside the injection pump for the 03 Series, Super Mini and WG/DF 752 or 972 engine models, and next to the oil filter at the bottom of the engine block for the EL/EA and ZB600 engine models.

Locate the model number of the tractor on the parts list that came with the tractor.

Decode the serial and model numbers by using the charts on the Kubota Engine America website.