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How to Hide an Electrical Box

Updated April 17, 2017

Your electrical box can be hidden without too much hassle. The electrical box, often called the breaker box or fuse box, is where all of the wiring in your home ends up. There you will find switches for your furnace, washer and dryer, various appliances, lights and outlets. A master switch within the box controls whether or not the power is turned on to all of your house. In an emergency or when your home's wiring malfunctions, the electrical box is the first place that an electrician consults for more information. When hiding your electrical box, it is important that it is still easily accessible.

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  1. Draw a design on and paint the outside of the box to resemble an outdoor view from a window. It could look like something you would see if a window were present in that location, or it could be an entirely different scene, such as a tropical one or a city view.

  2. Paint the outside of the box the colour of the wall it is on. This will help it to better blend in to the room. Apply vinyl stick-on letters that form words or quotations or decorative designs on the wall and across the box to give it a feel of being included in the design of the room.

  3. Hang a framed picture, painting or mirror or a shadow box containing personal mementos in front of the electrical box to cover it up.

  4. Drape an antique quilt or other wall hanging over the electrical box by hanging it above the box and allowing it to flow over and below.

  5. Attach an antique or other wall decoration on top of the box. For instance, if your box is in your laundry room, hang a washboard over it. If your box is in your kitchen, put a small kitchen shelf unit over it.

  6. Build a small fence around the box to hide it from view. The fence should have a door or gate in order to provide easy access to the electrical box.

  7. Plant a shrub or plant near the box to obscure it from sight.

  8. Put a window box above the box. Plan hanging vines or other flowering plants that hang down in the flower box in order to cover the electrical box.

  9. Warning

    Do not obstruct access to the box in case of an emergency.

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Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Plants or shrubbery
  • Framed picture or other wall hanging
  • Fence materials

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