How to Make Doll Furniture From Wood

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Making doll furniture from wood is a great hobby for doll collectors and woodworking enthusiasts alike. It is important to know the scale you'll need to properly fit the dolls. You can then use designs that are already to the scale you need, or you can scale down designs for any furniture you wish. Calculate the scale by measuring the height of a doll. Then divide the height of a real person by the height of the doll. For example, a doll 11.5 inches tall would be at a scale of 1/6 based on an adult height of 69 inches.

Determine the scale required for your doll furniture. Here we will use a 1:6 scale.

Find or create designs for your doll house furniture. A basic dining room table made from balsa wood makes an easy project to begin with. Thick pieces of balsa wood can be cut with a coping saw. Thin pieces can be cut using a utility knife.

Write down the dimensions of the wood you need. For example, using a 1:6 scale, a dining room table that is 30 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 48 inches long would require a piece of wood 5 inches wide and 8 inches long for the table top. Four legs would be needed, each 5 inches long. Balsa wood that is 1/4-inch thick could be used for all pieces.

Measure the balsa wood, and mark it using a pencil and ruler. Then cut along the lines using a sharp utility knife. This is done by pressing with moderate force and scoring the lines several times while keeping the ruler on the line. Do not try to cut balsa wood in a single stroke of the knife, as the wood can be easily damaged with too much force.

Sand the pieces of wood with sandpaper.

Glue the legs to the bottom of the table using white glue and clamp them to the table using small wood clamps.

Visit hardware stores and craft shops for small, metal pieces to use in your furniture. Use pieces that are as close to scale as possible, but do not worry if they are not exactly to scale. You can also improvise for many items. Decorative round drawer handles, for example, can be made from the heads of brass finishing nails; you can cut them to size with wire cutters.

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