How to stun someone using pressure points

A pressure point is a place on the human body where one can exert force to stun or disable their opponent. While the goal of attacking a pressure point is to disable your opponent, death can possibly occur, so practice discretion when attempting to stun your opponent.

The human body has many vital targets that can be used to disable or stun your opponent.

Strike the area immediately below the nose. A blow below the nose will strike a nerve centre that causes your opponent to stagger and makes his eyes water.

Hit the solar plexus with your hand or a blunt object. The solar plexus helps regulate the bodies cardiorespiratory system. Striking the solar plexus will cause immediate loss of breath and unconsciousness. The solar plexus is located beneath the rib cage.

Strike the biceps forcefully to cause your opponent to lose full control of his arm. This is an effective technique if your opponent is holding a weapon.

Kick the inside of your opponents thigh to attack the large nerve located halfway up the inner thigh. Attacking this nerve will cause your opponents leg to buckle.

Punch the lower ribs of your opponent to disrupt your opponent's breathing. This manoeuvre may damage the diaphragm, potentially leading to unconsciousness.