How to Crochet Baby Clothes for Beginners

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Learning to crochet opens opportunities to create homemade baby clothes tailored to a child's body shape and a parent's tastes. Crocheting is a lifelong hobby that you can enjoy during the many hours of caring for a baby's needs when he is young. It's also a craft that you can teach to children when they are older, passing it on to the next generation. After your own children are grown, crocheting baby clothes can be a wonderful way to make homemade, thoughtful gifts for new and expectant parents. Mastering the art of a baby hat is a good place for beginning crocheters to learn the craft before moving on to more complex baby clothes items.

Start crocheting the hat's tip and work your way down to its base. Create a slip knot and, while holding your hook in your right hand and slip knot in your left, put your hook through the knot. Bring the yarn over the hook so that it comes towards you or starts at the back of the hook and moves forward. Use your hook to pull the yarn through the slip knot, which is the process for stitching one chain. Repeat this process (minus the slip knot) 10 times to create 10 single crochet stitches. Join the first and last loops together and secure the tail with a small knot.

Create a new slip knot with the other colour of yarn you've chosen on top of the second loop in from the first line you stitched. Stitch a second row the same length as the first, following the same process as described in step 1. Connect the ends, cut the yarn and tie a knot to secure the loose end.

Create another slip knot with the first colour of yarn used in your first row and chain one single crochet in each of the next two stitches and two loops in the third stitch so that you increase every three stitches for a total of 27 stitches. Connect the ends, cut the yarn and secure the tail.

Repeat step three with the other colour of yarn so that rows alternate between the two colours you selected (such as green and white, blue and white, or pink and white). Create a total of 27 stitches in this step, join the ends and secure the tail. Repeat this process for the next row but with a total of 36 stitches, understanding that stitch counts will increase as your rows grow in size and as you crochet the hat, keeping in mind that you want the base of the hat to be wider than the top. Rows or "rounds" 5 and 6 will have 36 stitches each while 7 to 22 will have 48 stitches each.

Finish the hat by securing the ends of the 22nd row, cutting the yarn and securing the tail with a knot.

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