How to Load a Price Tag Gun

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Price tag guns are essential products for those who work in supermarkets and retail. Lightweight and designed to lessen fatigue, they come in many different models, and can print a few lines of price information onto many different kinds of tags. The way to load new labels is generally the same for all kinds of price tag guns.

Cut the strip of labels toward the base of the price tag gun, and pull it toward the handle. Pull the knobs and release the base plate, located near the bottom of the gun. Open the base plate fully. Gently spread the sides of the roll holder. Remove the old roll.

Insert the new roll into the top of the holder. Make sure the labels are facing upward, or else the prices will print onto the adhesive side. Expose six inches of the roll by pulling it outward. Feed it through the space between the base plate and the roller. Close the base plate.

Hold down the gun handle. Expose the labels a little more by pulling them out. Stop when you can see them near the lever on the handle, located close to the bottom of the gun. Squeeze repeatedly so that the labels tighten. Continue squeezing until one printed label dispenses.

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