How to Replace Ikea Cabinet Doors

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Ikea is a Swedish company that mass produces different types of furniture and furnishings for sale in stores worldwide. Furniture such as bed frames and cabinets are delivered in flat pack form and are either installed by the homeowner as a DIY project, or by the Ikea company. Fitting the flat pack unit together yourself is the cheaper option, if you have the time and correct tools. You may think about replacing Ikea cabinets after time, but replacing the doors will be a cheaper and quicker option, without the need for special tools.

Open the cabinet door and locate the fixing hinges.

Remove the old cabinet doors. You will only need to unscrew the two screws holding the door to the interior hinge. Turn the screws counter clockwise until the door hinge is loose. Ensure you loosen both top and bottom hinges. Leave the hinge attachment bracket on the inside of the cabinet, as it can be reused.

Insert the hinges into the recesses on the new cabinet door. The hinges will push into the pre-cut recesses at the top and bottom of the door.

Attach the new door to the cabinet. Slide the hinges into the attachment bracket in the interior of the cabinet. Tighten the screws until firm with a clockwise motion with the screwdriver.

Adjust the new cabinet door until it fits and closes properly. Tightening and loosening the hinge screws will adjust the height and position of the cabinet door.

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