How to Make a Good Chucky Costume

Chucky is the main character in a series of five movies -- "Child's Play," "Child's Play 2," "Child's Play 3," "Bride of Chucky" and "Seed of Chucky." The movies centre around the horrific antics of a doll impregnated with the spirit of fictional murderer Charles Lee Ray, or Chucky.

The doll Chucky commands is a child's plaything. He begins the series as an amiable looking figure and gains scars, blood spatters and wear and tear as the series persists, becoming increasingly more sinister in appearance. A good Chucky costume stays true to the cinematic portrayal of this horror movie figure.

Trace the words "Good Guys" on the front of blue denim overalls using a pencil or tailor's chalk. Write the words in the centre of the chest in bubble or block letters.

Fill in the traced words with red puffy fabric paint.

Remove buttons or rivets that hold the snaps in place on the front of the overalls. Replace them with red buttons.

Splash the overalls with red acrylic paint to simulate blood spatters.

Layer the overalls over a rainbow striped long-sleeve shirt.

Pair the outfit with red sneakers. The red sneakers should have white trim and white shoelaces.

Apply a line of spirit gum to your forehead, running diagonally from the left side of your scalp to your nose and across your right cheek. Allow the spirit gum to dry.

Create another line of scars using spirit gum across your right temple and lower right cheek.

Layer red theatrical face paint over the spirit gum to simulate the look of scars.

Tease the hair on a short carrot red wig with a comb. Apply wig fixative or silicone-based hairspray to make the hair stand up. The wig should take on a knotted, dishevelled appearance. Put the wig on after applying the make-up.

Carry a large plastic knife with the outfit as a finishing touch on the Chucky costume.