How to Hook Up External Speakers for a TV

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Many devices can be connected to a television set. Those devices include gaming consoles, VCRs, DVD players and external speakers.

Depending on how large your external speakers are, and how loud you want your sound to be, you can either connect your speakers to a tuner and connect that tuner to your television set, or, for smaller speakers, you can connect the speakers directly to your TV without involving a receiver.

Decide whether or not you want to connect your speakers to your TV via a tuner. Consider the advantages involved in using a tuner, which include being able to use bigger speakers and play sound for multiple devices such as DVD players, VCRs and your TV on those speakers through the tuner. Understand that a tuner also gives you the ability to listen to the radio on your speakers.

Connect speakers to a tuner by first locating the holes marked "PRE OUT" on the back of the tuner. Connect the red and white ends of a standard audio cable to the red and white holes on the back of the tuner marked "Front."

Locate the hole marked "Audio Input(s)" on the back of your speaker. Connect the smaller, black end of the audio cable to the hole marked "Front." Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the number of speakers that you want to connect, realising that there should be room for at least four speakers on any modern tuner.

Position the front speakers closest to the TV, on either side of it. Position a subwoofer beneath the TV. Position rear speakers behind the seating area where you and your guests plan to watch TV.

Connect small external speakers directly to the TV using a pair of standard audio cables. Locate the holes marked "Audio Out" on the back of your TV. Connect the red and white ends of a standard audio cable into these holes. Connect the smaller, black end into the rear of the external speaker. Repeat this process for the other speaker and position your speakers on either side of your TV as far away from each other as possible, understanding that the farther apart the speakers are, the better sound distribution you will obtain.