How to Get Rid of Dark Stains on White Faux Leather

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Also known as pleather or designer leather, faux leather is easier to care for than genuine leather and can be an inexpensive alternative to the real thing. Faux leather comes in a variety of colours and textures and is used in everything from jackets to sofas, car upholstery to purses.

If you've got a dark stain on your white faux leather garment or furniture, you can try cleaning it with an at-home remedy before shelling out money at the dry cleaners.

Blot any excess liquid on the stain before attempting to clean your faux leather. Use a paper towel or rag to blot the liquid.

Fill a container with warm water and add dish detergent. The amount of water and soap you will need depends on the size of the stain and the amount of faux leather you need to clean. Do not saturate the stain or use harsh detergents, as this will damage your faux leather.

Soak a clean rag in the soapy water and wring out the excess before treating your stain. Gently wipe the stain until it lifts. Wipe the wet area with another dry, clean rag. Repeat this step as necessary until you have removed the stain.